Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Return...

Hello. I have a baby who is 4 months old.

The last time I blogged, I was three weeks away from giving birth. My how time flies.

I don't have time to blog about it all now, but i wanted to let you know, my dear readers (if you are still out there) that I still think about blogging from time to time.

And here is our Christmas list:
gift certificates to buy e-books (not from Amazon because he does not have a Kindle e-reader, he has a sony one)
half price book gift certificate
a new pocket knife

gift list on Amazon
my sanity
my brain

Gotta go.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Getting there...

I will be 36 weeks this Saturday.

I will have approximately four weeks left starting next week.

I am starting to get stretch marks.

My pelvic bones feel like they are going to snap in half.

I don't know how I can get any bigger.

And did I mention I have four weeks left??


But I know I will survive. Women all over the world do all the time. I am just saying that I will survive but not without some complaining on my part.

The good things:
She is starting to become more real to me the bigger I get because I can actually visualize how she looks inside me. She is her own person already and that amazes me.

I am going to take a long weekend this weekend and spend most of it in a river and in a pool.

I might start tele-commuting for work.

We got a dishwasher and it already has made my life easier.

I am not afraid of labor.

The mural in Laurel's room has been started, Aaron Sacco is doing it, and let me tell you friends, it looks awesome.

I have three showers to attend! One this weekend and two next weekend. Well, one extra because I am going to a friend's baby shower next weekend as well.

Chris. Is. Awesome. He has been the best and most supportive husband ever, even when he makes me go for a walk when I don't want to.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

34 weeks

So this Saturday I will be 34 weeks.


I feel like I cannot even fully comprehend what it means that we are having a baby sometimes. Sometimes, though, I can. It's weird. To think that the little being inside me will be out here in 6 weeks (give or take) is mind boggling. Not to mention that she will be completely her own little person! With her own little personality! Fascinating.

I am feeling all right. I got the 3rd trimester fatigue though and that's not fun, although I have been reading a lot. Like the Twilight series. Oh goodness, I really can't even explain why I like those books and why Edward is just so appealing to me. I mean, he is a vampire! A teenage vampire! Weird, I know, and I am definitely going to blame this one on the pregnancy hormones.

Chris is good. Actually, to me, Chris is fan-freakin-tastic. He is doing so much around the household and other responsibilities that i feel like crying I am so grateful. And I can tell is excited about being a dad. I think he is going to a great one too.

Our good friend Ren is doing a cherry tree mural in Laurel's room. He sketched out the trunk yesterday and I can't even begin to explain how awesome it looks. The way he has captured what I wanted (not Dr Zuess cartoony, but something older and wiser) is amazing. Go to his blog to see more of his great works. We will definitely post pictures when it is done to promote his work.

Other than that, the room is basically finished. I don't know how the next couple of months are going to shape up job and money wise and time wise but I am sure we will manage. We always do, we have great support from friends and family. We are so blessed.

The Austin Wine Festival is this weekend. I will be there on Saturday so stop by the Mandola booth and say hi! I will pour you some wine and let you touch the belly for good luck...and a dollar...kidding...maybe...

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Be safe everybody!

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